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Aspire to Inspire

Minds Matter Magazine

Magazine Features

  • Physical A4 smooth print

  • 12 pages

  • Articles on Anxiety

  • How to ease, calm and control

  • Agony Aunty Answers

  • Tips to improve

  • Pets Page

  • Only £2/issue

  • Available via Subscription

  • 15% off therapy and products

  • Issues

    Issue 5: March/April - In production

    Issue 6 May/June - In production
    Issue 7 July/August - In production
    Issue 8 September/October

    About Minds Matter Magazine 

    The first issue of Minds Matter Magazine went to print in October 2023. With only 8 pages, we found how much it helped people in the local area. We felt that, rather than produce an online PDF, we'd go all-out and get something done in print. 

    It's subjects include articles based on the topic of anxiety and related issues, such as depression, grief, trauma and relationship issues.



  • £2.00/issue

  • 12 pages

  • 8 articles

  • Nutrition, Pets, Healing

  • Availability


    Minds Matter Magazine is only available through a subscription. Physical copies are distributed in the local area and given to clients. 

    When you sign-up for a digital edition, you pay for a whole year of issues (6) and you'll also have our free online newsletter, too. Because of the nature of the subscription, once you pay a year, you can get access to all our back-issues too, we are unable to offer a refund. Sign-up for it here.



    Bulk Orders

    For your healing practice 

    Minds Matter Magazine is available to order in bulk at reduced cost. Go to these links to view and order:

    Print Link Issue 1

    Print Link Issue 2

    Print Link Issue 3

    Print Link Issue 4



    For your business

    BewleyBooks can produce your company/business magazine. Ask us for details and we'll fix a time in the diary to chat about your requirements and give you a personal quote based on your needs.


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