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BewleyBooks is a new independant publisher of books that aspires to inspire you to change the world for the better.  BewleyBooks aims to work diligently on behalf of authors by producing innovative ideas to get the world back on track.  

     BewleyBooks is dedicated to incentivising authors to galvanise others through their words while offering readers inspiring education and enjoyable entertainment that can create a ripple-effect throughout the entire world.

Kaye Bewley

There are books designed to help writers handle their anxiety symptoms when promoting personal work, books to help writers through the depressive slump when their books don't sell and, more importantly, books to help writers find a way through the puzzling publishing and promotional maze. 

    Submit your ideas, use the BewleyBooks platform to promote your work and get involved by inspiring the world to change for the better.



Writers of Substance

I have created a fully detailed Author Guide for you to download today.  All you need to do is complete the survey and you'll get the Author Guide plus two additional free books.  

     The Author Guide gives you a breakdown of the work BewleyBooks hopes to accomplish on your behalfs.  Here's a brief list of contents:

  • BewleyBooks history
  • The story behind the logo
  • Manuscript submission
  • Preparing your writing for publication
  • Promoting and selling your book
  • Distribution channels
  • Production costs
  • Timescales - submission to publishing

Because I want BewleyBooks to work on behalf of writers, I do not charge you for the service.  This means most of my expenses (around £6k for every book I produce), will be left uncovered.

     There's no catch.  I'm able to do this because I am an author myself with many years editorial and publishing experience.  Therefore, I know the business inside-out.

     To help me continue providing this service, all I need from you is to help make BewleyBooks a success.  You can do this in a number of ways, chiefly by either of the following:

  • sign-up to the weekly e-zine (below)
  • buy a book when we begin to publish
  • spread the word of BewleyBooks (Share, Like, comment on our social media platforms, below)
  • invite me to present a free workshop at your organisation



Download Today

Every writer harbours a secret desire to see their work in print by getting published.  The BewleyBooks platform not only encourages you to achieve this aim, but will show how to do it. 

     If you want to get writing, get published and get promoted, fill in the form on the Contacts page.  You'll then be able to download the Author Guide - plus, in the emails, I regularly give away free gifts

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Book Stores

Interested in stocking books from the BewleyBooks stable?  Sign-up for our newsletter and we'll let you know when we have published a book that you might be interested in.  Buy a number of them direct from BewleyBooks, you'll get some great discounts.  For regular updates and to register your interest as a seller of BewleyBooks's books, fill in the form on the Contacts page.