Relationships with anyone can be sticky subjects but, with this book, you'll be able to start finding some answers.

At times, we look at the bigger world outside our home and feel helpless to do anything about it.  It's mayhem!  A catastrophe waiting to happen.  But, you have got some clout inside you.  You have your own perceptions, your own viewpoints, your own way of doing things.  This book helps you to acknowledge all that's inside you and helps you begin to use your own skills and experiences to make a better world - by starting with your relationships.

We all see life differently and how we respond to what happens about us makes all the difference.  Knowing how to respond and what causes someone else to do something we don't agree with, helps to give a balanced view - and eases any friction.

It's a relationship book, but not as you know it ...

This book may be a relationship book, but it's not just about marriage and partnership.  It's about relationships with other people too.  

It shows you how to use tools to build stronger bridges between couples, between you and your boss, you and your grandmother or, you and your brother or sister - to name a few.  

Knowledge is power and with the knowledge and tools this book offers you, you can begin to increase your awareness and find other ways to change the people about you - without drastically changing your own viewpoint or even your personality.

What you'll learn...

In it, you'll get an overview of the following:

  • how the biology of human nature works
  • how our brains are biologically and emotionally divided
  • why our emotions respond the way they do to what we think is a threat to our way of being, our way of life

It gives you a little insight into how to deal with these things in a way that is compatible with your own personal nature.


Go on, give it a try.  You've nothing to lose but £2.99 which we think is a small price to pay - and everything to gain to make a better world.

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  • Five Phases of Marriage
  • Emotional Needs for Relationships
  • Action Activities
  • Attraction in Action
  • The Male and Female Brain
  • Differences Between Men and Women