Settle down with a box of chocolates and a good book!  

Kaye Bewley's debut novel, a romantic comedy, will have you transported to another world.  

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About the book:

Ted fancies Michael, Michael fancies Heather and Dick fancies them all. Heather, however, only has eyes for William Berry, a film star, who only fancies himself. Then James comes along and ruins it for everyone.

     As an avid reader and ancient history buff, Heather buries herself in her books and dreams only to escape the nightmare that is her tedious life.   As a single woman who still yearns for a soul mate and hates her job as a PA/Secretary to a bully at the BBC, she creates a fantasy romance to get her through the day but, when she thinks her dream has a chance of becoming a reality - she runs the other way! 

Pages: 272

Genre: Romantic Comedy Drama