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Kaye Bewley offers a series of FREE workshops aimed to assist you get your work written, promoted and published.  These are not writers workshops that help you create your story.  Instead, these workshops have three aims to help you:

  1. get your writing time organised
  2. get your ideas down on paper
  3. get promoted and published

Many workshops promise that you'll get results in a week.  They invite you to take time out and attend a remarkable and relaxing retreat, in beautiful surroundings that are designed to get your creative juices flowing, from which you can create your book. 

You can still go on these courses.  In fact, you are advised to do it for the experience alone.  But, well, Kaye's workshops are not like that. 

Kaye holds one-day workshops, in your local community, so you don't have the expenditure of travelling or going out of your comfort zone.  While they are not designed to help you write your story, they are designed to help you:

  • Organise your time - so you can complete your book
  • Deal with the anxiety issues - so you can speak confidently about your work
  • Deal with the depression - when ideas are blocked
  • Deal with depression - when you get letters of rejection
  • Understand your personality - so you can deal with your creative brain
  • Teach you how to pitch to the press - to secure promotion for your book
  • Show you the value of Social Media - and how to use it effectively
  • Demonstrate the pitfalls and possibilities - of different publishing routes
  • Lead you through the publishing maze

If you've written your book, or know what to write and just can't get around to doing it, Kaye's workshops will inspire you to finally get it on the road, into book format and out into the public eye.  They are all mix n match, so if you fancy one for your community hall, email me to let me know and I'll craft it around your needs.  Here's a list of workshops planned for 2017:

June 2017 - Preparing2Write

  1. Organise Your Writing Time - so you don't feel guilty taking it from your family
  2. Understand the Structure of a Successful Book - how to make yours fit the format
  3. Deal with Anxiety Issues - wipe away the worry of telling people "I am a writer!"
  4. Deal with Depression - how to face rejection from publishers, press and people

July 2017 - Preparing4Promotion

  1. Build your Confidence - so you can promote yourself and your book to the press
  2. The Value of Social Media - how we 'abuse' it and how to use it so it works for you
  3. Create Video and Podcasts - how to get the results you want
  4. Create Media Kits - how you should present yourself and your book

August 2017 - Pitching2Press

  1. Launch Your Book - how to launch your book successfully
  2. Avenues and Outlets - how to figure out which platforms you can approach
  3. Pitch to the Press - how to ensure your work gets read and promoted
  4. Interviews with Radio and Television - how to get the best results

September 2017 - Publish2Distribute

  1. Publishing Routes - understand the differences between e-books and p-books
  2. The Distributing Maze - how to get your book into bookstores
  3. Publishing Your Book - how to prepare your manuscript for book format
  4. Keeping Track - how to keep your book in the limelight

And what's more, they're all


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What you get:

  • One day workshop - in your local community (two, four or six hours)
  • Resource Guides - emailed to you after your attendance at the Workshop
  • Marketing Check Lists - to make sure you cross-off everything that needs to be done
  • Launch Pack - a check list for you to create and keep track of your own book launch
  • Impressive 'To Do' Lists - to follow for each Workshop you attend
  • Sample Media Kits - to give you an idea how to pitch your work to the press
  • Private FaceBook Group - access granted after your attendance at the workshop 

Optional additional material available to purchase:

  • Presentation slides emailed to you after your attendance - so you have a record of the course
  • Downloadable e-books - to give you guidance notes for the Workshop you attend
  • Downloadable Podcasts - workshops are recorded and can be downloaded for your notes
  • Video packs - workshops are recorded and available to purchase for your continued training 
  • Light refreshments at the Workshop

For a detailed information package, fill in the contact form here