What is How to be an Author - Vol. 1: Writing Your Writing' ?


It's a HOW TO book that's filled with little secrets to get your book written - so that you can become the author you want to be.

There are so many obstacles that a writer faces when they get the inspiration to write a book.  I've been through all of them and knotched up quite a few lessons for myself.

So that you don't have to experience them for yourself, I've put all my knowledge into one great book - which I'm giving away for FREE!


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Here are a few secrets you'll be given for FREE...


  • Looking to increase your output on a daily basis?  DON'T! Read my book and you'll find out how to get more output for less input.  - pg. 6
  • The FIRST thing I tell all writers to focus on to get them generating instant text.  - pg. 14
  • How one simple change in my attitude showed me how never to run out of ideas ... pg. 28
  • How knowing the predictable psychology behind yourself you can get rid of procrastination and finish that novel you've wanted to write for years…  - pg. 57
  • The 3 major TOPICS that all writers need to know before they can get their ideas down on paper - FASTER AND BETTER than they've ever done it before... - pg. 59
  • Find out my secret weapon to solving the organisational puzzle and discover your own method with this simple formula that's so easy to create - pg. 61
  • Why what you eat and drink has an effect on your attitude towards your writing - and the secret to how you can rectify that - pg. 62
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And that's not all!


  • How to define your own VOICE and get rid of the confusion for good with this one simple question.  If you don't know what this is, then you are going to LOVE this one simple question you can ask yourself to start increasing your confidence - pg. 74
  • Want to learn how I put the jigsaw puzzle together?  What about how I gather and tackle my research?  Great - pg. 84
  • Peak behind the scenes of a REAL LIFE PLOT PLAN where I give you a full blown planner you can use straight away - pg. 99
  • I'll share with you the most powerful 'secret' to advancing your story - pg. 121
  • The surprising truth behind Freytag's Pyramid - pg. 119
  • If you think you can't build suspense in your book think again! I'll show you how I use advanced techniques to literally 'squeeze' your story out of a pile of ideas.  - pg. 122
  • Why try to build emotional tension into your story when the characters can do that themselves?  - pg. 125

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You'll also get ...


  • My personal method of drawing real characters that come alive, like they are already people with personalities, not flat on the page people - pg. 148
  • To know what the difference is between different characters and how, by asking myself a few simple questions I give myself everything I need to show a character's POV  - pg. 156
  • Why I LOVE Seasons and Landscapes and how being aware of this effective technique moves your story from lollygagging around in your mind to a real scene - pg. 163
  • The shocking difference between a speech and a soliloquie - pg. 165
  • How to 'Bullet Proof' your real talk - know this simple truth about characters and you'll never have to worry about your characters again! - pg. 173
  • How to turn your writing into a readable novel that gets people wanting more - pg. 183
  • Why your author personality is the missing piece to your ability to publish your book 191 - pg. 193

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Ship my book to me now!



  • Get the paperback book 'How to be an author - Writing Your Writing' and I'll also give you FREE OF CHARGE a digital copy of 'Anxiety Pangs - what they are and how to get them under your control' (RRP £2.45 Kindle edition)
  • Sign up for the book today and you'll also get FREE OF CHARGE 'Depression - how to help yourself through it' (RRP £2.45 Kindle edition).  You can keep this for yourself, to refer to when you feel a bit down after receiving yet another rejection, or give it away to someone you feel might want the information in it.
  • Plus, I'll also throw a digital sample of the first couple of chapters of 'How to be an author - Writing Your Writing' - so you can start reading right away!
  • Together with the 'How to be an author - Writing Your Writing' book, you'll get a digital version of the handy Resource Guide too!
  • You'll also get the Access Code to get into the BewleyBooksPlus Blog page - where our newsletter is stored!
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Like I mentioned before, this book is FREE! 

All I ask is that you help me cover the printing and postage costs of £9.95 anywhere in the world!

Oh, and in case you're wondering...
There Is No Catch!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month.

This isn't one of them.

I haven't created some kind of 'continuity programme' where you have to buy more kit from me when you sign up to my newsletter.  I genuinely care about your writing, and helping you to achieve your dreams. 

In case you're wondering why I'm doing this here's a couple of reasons...

1. This is my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated subscriber.

2. Because I don't make a living out of teaching people how to make money!  I actually run a real business online selling some great supplements, and I also create workshops and presentations), so because of this, it doesn't do me any harm to share my stuff with you.

3. I also get to promote the other authors under the BewleyBooks umbrella, by getting one of my products in your hands.  When you see how great it is, and how it can help you, it should get you excited to buy other products and services from me in future.

4. I can't lie. I thought it would be a nice change to give some true facts about how to get your work written and finished, ready for publishing and promoting.

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Kaye Bewley

Hurry!  This offer won't last long!

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You can still keep all the digital copies (that's FOUR whole books) for the price of postage and packaging.

That's right. You don't even have to send them back.  Just return the book with your receipt, telling me why you don't like it, and I'll give you your money back.

Sound fair?

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