I'll soon be releasing my 'Writer 2 Author Tuition Programme' - with it, I'll help you get your book written, promoted and published!


Hi, my name is Kaye Bewley and a few years ago, I started to realise how much help writers actually needed.  I mean real help.  Not just online, in books or on the phone.  As a result, I decided to offer a free platform to authors to promote their work from, presented free workshops and also created this online course 'Writer 2 Author Tuition Programme'. 

I offer two options ...

Publish your book on the BewleyBooks Publishing Platform

If your book is ready, if it has been proofread and edited and if you are interested in using a high profile platform to promote your book yourself, then I will publish it at no cost to you!  Once all my expenses are covered from the sales secured (you only need to sell around 250 to 300 books to achieve that), I charge a small percentage fee (25%) for each book sold.  The rest of the royalties are yours!


Work with me on the BewleyBooks Tuition Programme

This tuition programme is tailored specifically for those who need help writing, preparing, promoting and publishing.  I can take you through this Tuition Programme which, I think you will agree, is in-depth and cost-effective.

On the Tuition Programme, at anyone time, I only take a select few authors on board.  Those authors are taken through a year long programme that includes:

  • encouragement to write - sparking that enthusiasm
  • confidence to promote - dealing with emotional issues
  • proofreading - making sure your work is as error-free as possible
  • editing - getting the best possible message across
  • designing - catching the eye of the buyer
  • plus much, much more

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Kaye Bewley - Author, Freelance Writer, Publisher

With this Tuition Programme, you can finally get your work finished, not only that, but I will help you make your book appeal to the widest book buying audience possible.  There are three programmes to choose from. 

  1. Writing Your Book Tuition Programme
  2. Promoting Your Book Tuition Programme
  3. Publishing Your Book Tuition Programme

You can sign up to any, or all, of the programmes.  Each programme should take you about a year to complete.  This is the amount of time you really need to devote to writing and promoting your book - it may seem like a long time, but when you think about all the work you've put into your writing, I'm pretty sure you won't want to leave it at that!


Option 1: Publish and Promote your book on the BewleyBooks platform...


You've got a book idea and you want to write it and see it in print.  Before you send it to BewleyBooks, your book must ...
  • align with the BewleyBooks ethos 'Aspire to Inspire'
  • be about helping others live a better life or create a better world to live in

This may seem a pretty broad spectrum, but I will help you in the decision-making process to ...

  • Generate the publicity you need for selling your book
  • Publish it for you
If you need only this, and no editorial or proofreading work etc, then fill-in our form on the Contacts page and you can download the BewleyBooks Author Guide (shown here) - what's more, you'll get our free weekly e-zine too.
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Option 2: Work with Kaye on the Tuition Programme...


If you have the raw materials, ideas and outline to put your ideas into a book format but don't know how to write it, get it into print and promote it, then this course is for you. 

     I will give you personal one-to-one tuition and assistance all the way through writing it, promoting it and publishing it.  You'll get the following:

  • Regular online workshops
  • Confidence building exercises
  • Writing tips and tricks podcasts
  • Tools to download and put to use straight away
  • Automatic inclusion in the promotional bulletins sent to over thousands of people in the book trade, worldwide


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And that's not all...


If you want to take your book a step further on the Tuition Programme, I can...

  • Show you how to promote yourself as an author
  • Choose a font and layout that will emotionally engage the book buyer
  • Choose an appealing cover that gets people to interact with your book
  • Drive potential buyers to your book
  • Collect and keep potential buyers happy and 'in the know' 
  • Secure those much cherished sales
  • Even publish it for you


Your Commitment


Many authors think that after they've written and published their book, people will come running with purses and credit cards in hand to buy it.  I wish it were all that simple.  Are you ready for the revelation? 

The truth is unless you are a celebrity (or know one), it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to get solid sales - at least THREE YEARS!  Think of it this way, if you had a baby, would you leave it on the doorstep of a person you didn't know?  No?  That's how to think of your book.  Your book is your baby and you have to nurture it, feed it, comfort it - in a word you need to love it!  This Tuition Programme teaches you how to do that.  When you finish the course, you will need to keep at it for as long as you want to be an author.  But once these tools have been learned, you can't unlearn them!

This is one of the reasons why I release the assignments you need, when you feel ready for the the next stage.  I've found that when these courses are released altogether, people forget it's available and it stays hidden on the shelf or buried deep in the desktop filing system.  Many (not all) students have a habit of becoming complacent and, eventually, give up.


What it includes...


Writing Your Book

Promoting Your Book

Publishing Your Book

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You get personal tuition from me for a whole year, or until your writing is ready to publish:

  • Personal tuition
  • Confidence building sessions
  • Assignment work related to your story
  • Storytelling guidance
  • Finding out the core of your story
  • Assistance with organising and planning
  • Help with plotting and researching
  • Where to gather ideas
  • Find out how to start, continue and end
  • Learn how to advance your story
  • Learn how to inject drama and tension
  • Learn how to draw your characters
  • Find out about structure and style
  • Unearthing your characters
  • Psychology of a character
  • How to get your characters to talk
  • Pleasant and pitiful places - locations
  • Editing
  • Proofreading

You get all that is in the Writing Tuition Programme, plus you'll learn how to:

  • Source appropriate cover design for your work
  • Produce source files for use on multiple platforms
  • Build a worldwide sales network for you
  • Market and sell your work to intermediary resellers (retailers, distributors and wholesalers)
  • Build an author web page - on the BewleyBooks website if you wish
  • Set-up your social media platforms (Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn)
  • Secure book signing sessions and presentation material
  • Promote your work to the wider audience
  • Prepare your blog (once a week is ok)
  • Create your own newsletter
  • Get your social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram) platforms up-to-date and focused on your work
  • Create your own website
  • Contact local bookstores for possibility of presenting/selling your work
  • Link-up with and attend writers groups, conferences and workshops
  • Create your own promotional material (business cards, letterheads and compliment slips)
  • Contact local newspapers, radio and television stations
  • Find an ‘angle’ for journalists to be interested in discussing with you about your work
  • Produce a video

You get all that is in the Writing & Promoting Tuition Programme, plus you'll learn how to:

  • Purchase your ISBN for wider distribution
  • Specify, buy and oversee suppliers
  • Produce and print your book
  • Exploit new technology, adopt new systems, products and services to get your book formatted
  • Distribute your work in many formats
  • Contact the many distribution channels available and how they operate
  • Find out about royalty payments
  • Secure your own Copyright
  • Partner with other authors for events and book tours
  • Attend book fairs and promote your work
  • Unearth the benefits of joining the Author or Literary Guild in your home country


If you want this deal, subscribe to my e-zine...


As soon as you subscribe, then I'll send you details when the programme opens for business.

For personal assistance from me to you, all you need to do is subscribe to the box below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kaye Bewley

Founder of BewleyBooks

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