Kaye Bewley, Psychotherapist, Publisher and accomplished Author as well as a Writer trainer, earned her MA from Nottingham Trent University.

In a career that has spanned 25+ years in the industries of printing, publishing, marketing and media, Kaye has coached people to figure a way through the emotional maze and applied her tactics to their creative writing process.

She combines her psychology and publishing skills to help writers become more confident.

About the Author

Right now, Kaye is focused on writing her own books along with a couple of authors that have enlisted her skills and experience in the business of book publishing. 

     All her own psychotherapy work will be freely available to those who need it.  Her aim is to give you the knowledge you need as a writer to help you beat the signs of depression when you get rejection slip after rejection slip, how to handle the anxiety you feel when preparing to present and promote your book and also build your self-confidence - with particular emphasis on getting your book finished.  

     Her own novels and short stories have metaphorical messages running through them that aim to embed that much-needed courage to get your work into the public domain.

     Since the day she earned her MA and the right to practice professionally as a psychotherapist, she has presented free workshops on:

  • 'Rocking the Relationship Boat' in London

  • 'Dealing with the Brain Blues' in Middlesex

  • 'Breaking Up or Making Up' in Hampshire
  • 'The Emotional Rollercoaster' in Germany

     She offers you the opportunity to publish and promote your own inspirational books, messages, articles and links on the BewleyBooksPlus platform, once you subscribe to her e-zine.  She charges absolutely nothing for this service.  Only, once you begin to sell, after she has deducted all the expenses she's made, she'll expect only small percentage of the royalties you earn through each sale.

     Through the BewleyBooks promotional platform Kaye has developed a paranormal novel for an American firefighter, is planning to release a God-led world-changing tome for a Vietnam Vet and, another in the pipeline, is an ultra special project for an ex-con based in Australia.

     She has also created a series of workshops and online courses.  Join her BewleyBooks FaceBook Group (link to the right) and take part in BewleyBooks ongoing adventure!