Hello, I'm Kaye Bewley, founder of BewleyBooks.  Just so you know, BewleyBooks is not just about publishing books!  I set out with an idea to help writers... 

- get started (or finished) with their writing

- get their book published  

- get more confidence about achieving that dream 

First off, before you do anything else, I do recommend you get yourself some helpful information on writing, publishing and promoting your book hereThen nip on over to to see how I've been assisting writers publish their books as well as providing a free promotional platform for their own work (even when not published via BewleyBooks), and interviewed them on podcasts.  

All you need to do is decide how BewleyBooks can 

help you get your book into print  

While in the BewleyBooksPlus area, you can get the gossip on lots of books and programs specifically aimed to help you get your writing started, to help you persist with your dream of becoming a published author and help you achieve your goal of seeing your own words in print.

If you don't know where to start, or believe you haven't got the confidence you need to begin with all this, at BewleyTherapy, I can help you to find courage and new ways of working and also how to cope with any guilt you may feel at pursuing your dream.  If you've been at this for a long time, you might not be surprised at how families and friends can knock a budding author's confidence!  Eventually, my goal is to get you to deal with the stress of writing, publishing and promoting as though it were a normal part of your life.  You can read my BewleyBlogs that may give you more of an idea as to where to go with your writing plans, ideas and interests.

Meanwhile, even if you don't chose BewleyBooks to publish your book, I offer you all the best with everything you choose in life from here on in.  Remember, if you make a start now, you may just look back on your life and think "Wow! That was scary, but it was worth it!"  If you don't, you'll never know...

All the best,

Kaye Bewley MA